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  About Us

FCS was founded in 1990, and is a software house committed to delivering complete solutions to customer requirements. We offer custom software development services, with realistic prices and full lifecycle customer liaison and support. We are a small team of experienced and quality-conscious software engineers with a wide range of expertise.

We have a large range of experience and commitment to the highest quality in your software. Don't let others mess you around any longer, pay us only when you get proven results!

Technical Skill Base

With our team of software engineers, our focus is on software development and corporate VOIP solutions.

We also have ongoing development using Windows and Linux, and have expertise in:

  • Telephony applications (Voice over IP)
  • MS SQL, Oracle
  • TCP/IP
  • Unix, Linux
  • C and C++
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • Visual Basic 6 and .NET, Delphi
  • Windows API and COM
  • HTML, XHTML, CSS, Macromedia Flash
  • Plus other experience of various proprietary systems
  • JavaScript, ASP, PHP, Perl

Best Practises

Risks Lists: the client is given weekly reports on the various risks and issues affecting the project, so that both FCS and the customer can see where the biggest risks to on-time implementation are to be found.

Thorough reviews: Reviews of requirements, design and coding. Many times errors are picked up earlier in the design cycle by objective inspection, carried out with no room for developer ego. When there is a document or code listing to be reviewed, the author is always on the receiving end of criticism, and therefore we try to keep criticism positive, and reason-based.

MiniMilestones: All of our projects are internally analysed to a fine grain of detail, so that we have a solid method of tracking progress. Every task to deliver a project is entered into a list where each task takes from 0 to 2 days, where 2 days is an absolute maximum. This enables us to know precisely how much work is to be done, who will be doing them, and when. We try to avoid project slippage by this methodology (there is always a 'total days' figure available), and especially to give early warnings of need for catch up.


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